Case studies

EU4 LAN Party

This live event was created with Paradox Interactive for the community, focused around the game Europa Universalis IV. Historical Grand Strategy game. The location was obvious for this theme - beautiful Moszna Castle in Poland. The event was built around the multiplayer mode for the game, but the regular Lan Party had been enriched with roleplaying elements and special events (like fencing). The number of tickets was very limited. It came as no surprise that the interest around the world was huge!

EUIV statistics from official Paradox Interactive Twitch channel.

The image shows TOP 10 EUIV streams. Highlighted positions are the days of EU4 LAN PARTY stream.

Our event is also in the TOP, where it comes to the number of followers gained by the channel.


YouTube followers also have and share very strong opinions ;)

Extraordinary Wedding

Private wedding, but for sure not an ordinary one. As a team, we were asked to take care of the venue, all practical issues, scenography, props, attractions and actors. After many design sessions with the young couple, we managed to create a unique and tailored event.

  • The whole castle and park was rented for a few days.
  • The venue was changed into the fairytale realm with breathtaking scenography. One of the locations was a living forest inside the castle chambers.
  • More than 30 actors and the practical team had been gathered to make this come true.
  • Story & characters for each participant were provided. The participants roleplayed for two days non-stop.

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Posiadłość Kruczywron

Live-action roleplay can be a very confusing idea to someone who has never participated in an interactive event before. To make one of our productions more approachable, we designed a unique communication process. Depending on the channel chosen by future participants, they either received a set of practical and meta-information or they become a character in an interactive drama.

We wanted the setting to be a part of the onboarding process.

  • Facebook posts featuring the chapters from the characters’ stories. Each chapter has been written according to the choices of the audience.
  • Interactive newsletter. Using email automatization, we have allowed subscribers to decide over the order of elements presented in the newsletter. It has also created a personal story for a subscriber, as choices had also affected the fiction.

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  • Our newsletter had a very high response rate.
  • The project has gathered media attention and we have been featured in two major business websites.
  • Our marketing campaign has been mentioned on the marketing-themed fan page as an example of an innovative approach.